Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Slow progress

Celtic seasons

I feel I've managed to move a little on many fronts. I've been stagnant for a long time, just trying to keep my head above water as I adjust to new circumstances.
  • I've framed the first of several finished cross stitch projects - Celtic Seasons looks great (albeit strange) on the hall wall.
  • My first kimono is now displayed, although it still needs clips to keep the panels open properly. It's amazingly long, almost floor to ceiling in this apartment!
  • I'm writing like crazy, however a little too slowly. I received a comment recently that I used backspace far too much - I let my fingers type before my brain has decided exactly how to phrase. It's certainly not a time-effective way to work.
  • I've caught up (mostly) with packages and letters, but email is lagging far behind. I'm not even looking into my newsreader.
  • I've won a few more competitions (mostly for shampoo/body wash and the like, or e-books), even though I enter these things sporadically.
  • Learned Words is up, but is only a fledgling at the moment, until I can decide on how to run with it in the long term. I think I'd like to shift the education/training/language articles and blog posts there, but my time is largely spoken for at the moment.
  • My English courses are popular (with waiting lists), even though other English courses had to be closed due to lack of interest. I'd like to move these to an afternoon time slot, but most of the students work/study during the day. Evening classes are tough to teach, and even harder to sleep soundly afterwards. The students have complained that my English has become more difficult after I started writing, so I must watch my language more carefully in class.
  • I passed the language exam with flying colours, but am forgetting what I learned all too quickly. I'd love to attend the next level, but the non-intensive course clashes with my evening classes. I can understand a lot now (hearing and reading), but don't speak enough. Apparently I write mostly like an English speaker, understandable, but with mangled or awkward grammar.
Focus: daily stretching
Drunk: Irish breakfast tea
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