Friday, March 25, 2011

Ways to help Japan

Two weeks after the quake and tsunami, the death toll has topped 10,000. Hundreds of thousands are displaced, living in evacuation shelters around the country.

Much damage has been done to fundraising efforts by the misinformation being spread by international news services (and many foreign embassies), specifically about the Fukushima power plant. The 10,000 dead and even more still missing, the towns that have been wiped out, all along the north-eastern coast of Japan have absolutely nothing to do with the plant. Trivialising the earthquake and tsunami by focusing on the Fukushima plants shows a staggering lack of intelligent, rational, factual, scientific and correct reporting. The media seems to want only to spread fear and panic.

This earthquake and tsunami was the biggest combined disaster to ever hit Japan -- I hope the foreign media focus will return to this, encouraging more people to help, instead of (wrongly) fearing for their lives.

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