Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mega earthquake and nuclear accident in Fukushima


Still getting large continuous aftershocks (many 6+). Count is heading towards 300.
Watching the quake list which updates faster and more thoroughly than USGS. Although the 10 degree area USGS map and list is quite spectacular, as is their prettier Shock and aftershock map. (Wikipedia page)

Information is woefully and disgracefully slowly being released and updated, especially in English. Media is as usual sensationalising. I have received so many requests for phone interviews with various media outlets around the world (no phone interviews thank you). For news, I'm mostly relying on live translation-tweeting by @makiwi of various press conferences (especially of those who contain engineers, and not politicians/lawyers).

Nearby Fukushima nuclear plant problems (level 4 on the INES scale)

Fukushima 1 plant (Daiichi) has 6 reactors: reactor 1 and 3 have ongoing cooling problems. Reactor 2 has low coolant level but is stable. Reactors 1-3 have been vented to release pressure. Reactors 4-6 are cooling and stable at last press release.
The outer wall of the turbine was lost when a buildup of hydrogen reacted with oxygen and exploded.
20km evacuation area.
4 workers have been injured, and 4 exposed while working inside the reactor building.
Suspected cases of exposure to public are mostly likely to be due to being outside nearby at time of reactor 1 venting.
Daiichi press release 13 March 2am

Fukushima 2 plant (Daini) has 4 reactors: all 4 have been vented to reduce pressure. Reactor 1 seems to have some cooling issues.
10km evacuation area.
Workers have been injured due to physical accidents on site.
Daini press release 12 March 11pm
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