Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Another haphazard update


It feels a lot more real now, that I am going overseas to work. My interview was a few weeks back, and although the interview was very tough and the interviewers asked some very difficult questions, I am quietly confident of being accepted. Waiting until April to find out, is rough.

Other huge and scary changes have additionally spurred me to get rid of all of my 'stuff', right now. Well, most of it, anyway. Sorting through 20+ years of accumulated stuff, noting just how much it depreciates, how it is not appreciated, how difficult it is to split shared stuff, and how much non-physical emotional weight it has, is scary. Clutter really weighs you down!

It is a liberating feeling to get rid of it. Perhaps one way to cure anyone of an addiction to consumerism, and change buying patterns for good. I had already scaled back my pack-rat tendencies substantially, but I think this is blowing away the dregs. Especially as I'm having to do this urgently, instead of spreading it out over several months. However, I will need significant help to drink through my tea collection!

The recent changes, plus increased fitness (an average of 20-25km per day when travelling!) have resulted in me dropping weight and size at an incredible rate. Many milestones reached in the last few months - out of the obese weight range, down to size 16 jeans (which are now loose, 2 weeks after I bought them!), becoming the most flexible I have ever been - all very motivating.

I am horrified at the cost of renting / share houses, the lack of availability, and the unwillingness of people and agents to accept short term 'contracts'. When did it get so difficult, inflexible, and so incredibly expensive?

Starting a second set of Japanese lessons, over Skype, is interesting - seeing how technology can be used for tutoring, is encouraging. It will be a few more weeks before I'm comfortable with this style of lesson I think - it is very different even to a private tutoring session. The extra tuition, and using Japanese with more people casually, seems to help with vocabulary retention, and with being able to understand spoken Japanese.

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