Saturday, January 9, 2010



Japan so far has been fantastic, I had a wonderful time at the New Years course in Fukuoka (Asahi Nihongo). Contrary to my usual nature, I enjoyed spending time with people, and wished I had put the course at the end of my trip. Travelling alone after have fun during the course is difficult!

Finally meeting my long-time email/Skype friend in Kitakyushu was lovely, and we spent a (long) day walking around Mojiko, Shimonoseki and Kitakyushu. I rushed back to Fukuoka and bought my first obi, and have simply had to go into every kimono shop I find! I had no idea that the range of kimono fabrics was so varied.

Kyoto is daunting - too many people, too large a city, and I don't feel safe walking around in the dark, unlike in Fukuoka. I've already been approached by an older (homeless?) guy who wouldn't stop talking about how awful Sydney, Australia and the English language is (in English). Kyoto is also the first place in Japan where I have seen a plastic broom - everywhere else I have been have used natural bristle brooms.

I will explore Kyoto's tourist sights over the next week, and do a few day trips - next up is catching up with more online friends!

Travel log (in progress)
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