Saturday, November 28, 2009

Haphazard update


I can't believe how long it is since I have posted here! The last several months have been extremely hectic, despite finishing my contract with the State Library, and focussing on my studies. So, in my usual haphazard style, here is a random update on all sorts of things. Notes about my recent trip to Western Australia will be in another post.

I've fully recovered from the withdrawal effects from Zoladex, and managed to lose a good 10 kg since starting it. I've even broken into the 80s finally. My fitness continues to increase. Since that 20km walk, I walked the straight route between my friends' and home while house sitting (25km), and then the long way. *ouch* I had calculated it to be 33km, but it was 40km! The blisters were legendary, and kept me out of participating in the 50km charity walk at the beginning of November (a good thing too, it was a 32 degree day!) The new insoles are nearly broken in - or rather I've been broken to work with them. They are no good for running though, so I'll look into a set of squishy insoles with met-domes next year - I want to do the couch to 5km challenge when I return from my holiday in Japan next year.

Adenomyosis shrunk a little, endometriosis still hasn't returned, and continuing with the new Mirena and gabapentin, I'm managing really well. All the specialists are very pleased with me, and want me to keep going. I do need to focus on continuing my weight loss (thus the couch to 5k challenge). My vitamin D levels are pretty abysmal though.

My JET 2010 application has been received in Canberra, and now it's a nervous wait until February, when hopefully I'll receive an interview. I found it really difficult to write a two page essay about myself rather than external topics! Blog posts are easy - conversational in tone, and thought stream in style. A formal essay about oneself? Difficult!

My trip to Japan is fully booked, and I'm a little jittery - I've never done a homestay before. I do need to stock up on some warmer clothes, as there will be snow! Before the trip though, I'm still horrendously busy - 15km fun run tomorrow (I will be walking it), and JLPT3 exam next Sunday, then a sprint to finish my TESOL degree before my flight just after Christmas. I don't think I'm going to have time to get into the garden, or restart some of my half-finished cross-stitch and patchwork projects.