Saturday, September 5, 2009



I finally have a working kitty cam again! I now have two of them (one each for Gingy and Smokey), and I'm amazed at how much the quality of web cams have improved since I bought my old Logitech. Coupled with a Sheeva plug, the cameras are on most of the time - just in time for an extended stint of house-sitting.

I've finally finished my contract, but am still stressing about the situation there. I know it's not my problem, but I have a chronic disconnect between knowing and feeling. I'll be taking several months at least, to focus on health and my studies.

I did my longest ever walk, last Wednesday - about 20km, and it hurt. At about 4km to my destination, the sciatic went, making each step agony (for about 2km). I seem to also have strained my shoulder - it's crunching every time I move my arm, and the muscle between the shoulder blade and the spine regularly spasms (I just noticed that 'spasming' is not a valid word). I don't know how I'll make it to 50km, but I'll definitely keep trying! I haven't found a good blister solution yet - the Elastoplast and Scholl blister products squish off to the side of the blisters on the soles of my feet on long walks. Perhaps I need to reapply them every 10km -- that is awfully expensive!

I have an extremely busy several months ahead of me, that 50km walk I mentioned, completing my degree (which I've hardly started), studying an awful lot to try to pass the JLPT3, a trip to WA, and another longer trip to Japan, including a home-stay and culture course.

I survived the 6 months of hell, and I didn't kill anyone! Zoladex (goserelin) has knocked me around badly - my immune system is so weak, that I pick up any virus that is floating around (and there are many on public transport), insomnia has worsened, pain levels are awfully high (especially in my hands, sinus and jaw), and I have almost no short term memory (yes - worse than usual!) But I got though the treatment, and even lost 8kg. The last time I was on the medication, I put on a lot of weight. This time I worked very hard - walking a lot (ow!), and being more strict on my diet. I'll find out if the 6 months of Zoladex shrunk the adenomyomas at the end of November. I also plan to re-test my bone density (Zoladex reduces bone density by about 3%, but I've been doing a lot of weight bearing exercises). On another note, my extremely low vitamin D levels are slowly increasing, not fast enough for the doctors to be happy though. The t-shirt I wore on my last visit to the doc (Keep out of direct sunlight) didn't even receive a comment!

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