Sunday, August 9, 2009

Freeform word association swap


A huge thank you to Simone for organising this swap, prompting me to make an extremely belated blog entry. This is for the I say ... and you think ... ? swap on

  • Taxman -- I really must do my tax, this year I am finally due at least a small tax refund. I have all of the required paperwork, and I could be earning interest on it instead of the government. I also need to research what is required to set myself up as a contractor. I'm sure next year's tax return will be much more complicated.
  • Material -- I have a huge tour of material, both the dressmaking and quilting, packed away under my bed. It's never been used, because I've always been too busy -- working, and recovering from work. Perhaps I might get around to using it in the near future. I am really looking forward to finishing the quilt top started many months, if not years ago -- my hands will need to recover from the insane amounts of typing before I set the sewing machine up.
  • Format -- why can't document formats used by popular office programs be consistent? I am sick of wrestling Open Office documents (in Word format) to look correct and consistent (and the other way around). Google Documents into both Microsoft and Open Office also require inordinate amounts of tweaking (and once again, the other way around also).
  • File cabinet -- once upon a time I wanted my own filing cabinet to store paperwork at home. These days I associate "filing cabinets" with paperwork-laden workplaces. I wish it could be confident and say that I will see the end of filing cabinets within my lifetime, but I don't think paper will be eliminated from offices any time soon.
  • Ignore -- "I'm not hungry! I'm not hungry!" I wish it were easier to ignore a hungry stomach, especially as they tend to emotionally eat when under crazy amounts of work-stress.
  • Super! -- in which English speaking country is this a common exclamation? It's rarely used in Australia at the moment. I'd love to see a time lapsed model in Google Earth of how language changes are spread. It would be difficult to incorporate and distinguish regions, similar phrases, age ranges and other social information clearly.
  • Hillside debris
  • Fireproof -- the authorities are starting to plan for this year's fire season already. I am dreading the days where everything will be covered in smoke haze, as a back-burn throughout the hills to reduce the fuel load. It's the Australian bush -- fire is a natural and regular occurrence. Personally I think there should be a wider reaching community education program, teaching people in fire prone areas the best ways of accessing information, and explaining the importance of keeping themselves informed at all times. It is not the authority's responsibility to tell every individual when there is a fire in the area. If you live in a fire prone area, and its high risk of fire season, you should always keep an eye on the various websites, listen to the news/radio, and keep in touch with other locals.
  • Blockbuster -- they are gearing up to film The Hobbit! And they have started predicting when the extended editions of the bluray version of the Lord of the Rings will be released! I am so looking forward to these!
  • Snooper -- my cats, who regularly snoop into all accessible cupboards, and one can even open doors by himself!
  • Good will -- a scarce resource in this world!