Monday, June 8, 2009

Damage control

Inside out
nifwlseirff on flickr

Unfortunately, I haven't been online much recently. The insane schedules of several large, under-resourced and unrealistically time-limited projects have forced me to do way too much typing, and extra long hours. In order to actually deliver on these projects, I've had to drastically limit my computer use, and not do anything with my hands outside of hours. No hobbies, gardening, crafting, drawing, stitching, writing, game playing, emailing friends, swapping, cooking, studying... nothing - it was the only way I could keep going. I allowed myself the occasional tweet, FB check, and skimmed the articles piling up in Google Reader. There are still another three stupidly scheduled large projects that are outstanding, so I probably won't be around for a while longer.

I did manage to get out one weekend, and walk around Birdsland and Lysterfield Lake reserves in Upwey/Tecoma. Wandered through the same corner as last time, and a little bit more, that was burned during the February '09 bushfires. The kangaroos were out in force again (it was dusk). The hillsides were slightly eerie - they had a green glow, almost covering the black trunks, but not yet hiding the burnt brown leaves. Most of the trees are shooting new growth from their black trunks - it's a very odd sight. This time, an increased variety of birds were flitting around in larger numbers than when we walked just over a month ago. The soot was still very deep and obvious, where it was slowly mixing in with the dirt on the walking tracks.

I am looking forward to returning there in another month or so - I expect the trees will be covered in greenery again.