Sunday, April 5, 2009


nifwlseirff on flickr

Attempting to maintain and not put on weight while I'm on a 6 month course of the cancer medication Zoladex, I've been trying to walk a lot more. Today's mini-hike was through Sherbrooke forest, from Grant's picnic ground back to Tecoma. There were some tough hills to carefully go down, and with great difficulty, slowly plod back up.

On the aptly named Lyrebird track, we saw (and heard) loads of wild lyrebirds, mostly unconcerned, scratching beside the track. The weather was awful, raining heavily at times, with mist regularly obscuring the track or trees on the other side of a few clearings. Tree ferns were extremely green, and sopping wet, a huge change from when they were sunburned from the hot weather in February/March.

I managed to recording a different lyrebird's song in the same location, only a few minutes after I shot the photo on the right (MP3 audio file). Lyrebirds mimic other bird sounds, and anything else like cameras, phone rings, chain saws, etc! I was surprised how large and strong they were, and that they didn't run away from the track!

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