Friday, January 2, 2009


Christmas 2008 was fun, we had the regular video night people a little earlier for a barbecue. Unfortunately, I was battling a nasty cold/flu, which meant I couldn't taste very much, and didn't have much energy. Luckily I didn't pass it on!

2008 has been an up and down year. A change in job back to teaching, but still no progress on my TESOL degree (where is those things called motivation and energy?) A operation found no endometriosis, but a growth in the adenomyoma.

A wonderful trip to Japan, even with the terrible earthquake, but a little too much sickness saw my weight loss and fitness disappear by the end of the year (as yet, no weight gain though, which is good).

It also saw me return to blue and eventually short hair, and gain a green P plate (finally!). Unfortunately the garden has stalled, weeds overgrowing all gains, lots of work needed in 2009 to try to recover much. An increase in social networking and e-swapping, it's great being able to keep in touch with friends.

So, here's to a better 2009, hopefully with a little better health, less procrastination and more fun! Happy New Year all!
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