Sunday, November 30, 2008

Birthday returns

Due to preparing for another operation (on the 28th), the foods I could eat on the 26th were quite limited. No seeds or grains really cuts down my preferred foods list (no tomatoes, rice ...) At least my birthday wasn't on the day before the operation - when I couldn't eat anything!

I ran around during the day, getting my hair cut, going shopping, etc. My doctor even gave me a birthday present - bulk billing my appointment ;-)

I scored a bunch of books, a decent set of kitchen scales, and a grill/griddle, amongst other things. After wrestling the Griddler out of its rather beaten up box, I discovered that one of the drainage cups were missing, and the cleaning tool was snapped in half. The grill plates had been cleaned (!), but there was still oil on the housing. I was horrified that David Jones had not checked that they sold a new item rather than a return, and I was even more horrified that someone believed it was ok to return a used appliance with accessories broken and missing.

David Jones swapped it over, and I got to use it on Saturday when I got home from the hospital. Easier to use than a jaffle iron :-) and much easier to keep clean. I foresee fewer breakfasts eaten out...

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