Sunday, November 9, 2008

Magnetosphere shortcuts

The built-in iTunes music visualiser, Magenetosphere (the best of the 5 provided visualisers in my opinion), has a few advertised and a few hidden 'shortcuts' to change settings. Unfortunately I haven't found one that saves the settings for when you next start the visualisation.
If you find any more shortcuts, please let me know!

?Toggle help screen
MChange modeCycles through about 20 different modes
PChange palleteDoes not work in all modes
IToggle track info
CToggle auto-cycle (on by default)Cycles through all modes
FToggle freeze modeLights still pulse, but effects are frozen
NToggle nebula modeOnly works when in certain modes
LToggle camera lock
EEnhance nebulaOnly works when in Nebula mode
AAdd light particlesThere are about 5 levels
SSubtract light particles
+Increase light intensityThere are about 5 levels
-Decrease light intensity
RResetResets light intensity and particle count to their default values
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