Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Migrating from Livejournal to Blogger

Migrating from Livejournal to Blogger, was a painful process. I am still appalled at the lack of standard import/export formats and tools. Really, it should not have been this difficult to migrate a blog! I copied over all the comments (manually - urgh), but have yet to 'fix' the categories/tags. The steps I took:
  • backed up LJ account with LjArchive, on Windows and exported to an XML file
  • used a Wordpress.com account to import the XML file (this lost the categories)
  • used Ecto on the Mac to grab all of the posts from the Wordpress.com account (this lost the comments, and Ecto refused to grab the LJ posts, Windows Ecto just didn't work :-\)
  • copied all the posts from the Wordpress blog in Ecto, to a new Blogger blog in Ecto
  • a kindly Google employee temporarily increased my API posting quota, and I published all the 'unpublished' Blogger blog entries from Ecto in one lump (the Blogger API limits you to 50 posts per 24 hour period)
  • manually entered the comments, using LjArchive and the Blogger comment interface (viewing only those posts with comments is easy in LjArchive)
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