Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A long road

Last week I walked home from work, over the hill that was in the way. It took me 4.5 hours, partly due to a couple of mis-advertised roads and tracks on google maps, but I did it. The last 1.5 hours or more, were in darkness. At least I managed to reach 'back' streets as it was getting fully dark, but it would certainly have been easier in daylight! These streets were sometimes unpaved, grassy in spots, with very few street lamps.

Chandler track is steep. Really, really steep. For what seemed like an eternity, I was pushing upwards, stopping to catch my breath regularly. I was not at all prepared for such a hill climb. A few wallabies (or very small kangaroos) bounced away from the trail - it's the first time I've seem them in the wild. Other than that, and a flock of red-breasted tiny birds and the odd magpie, I saw no wildlife. There were no other people on the track, which was probably wise, seeing as it was dusk.

I was really disappointed that, no matter where I was, I could hear traffic. Sure, the noise receded, but it was always there. On a positive note, there was no litter on the track!

Mast Gully road is quite an incredible walk, down. It's also very steep, with no sidewalk, or even a good place to step off the road to make way for traffic. Luckily, cars were few and far between. Again, google maps misrepresented a few roads, so there were a few phone calls home to get directions. Especially towards the end, when I was exhausted.

4 restful days later, and I'm still sore and recovering. I'd love to do it more regularly, but the daylight hours are shrinking, and I won't be able to leave work early in the near future.
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