Sunday, February 24, 2008

So busy

Sprain, at just over 2 weeks
We are heading towards a massive deadline at work, with overtime being the norm. Unfortunately with flex-time being actively discouraged, this time seems to be non-recoverable.

I managed to get through the week of looong work hours, and even increased my step count, to the protestations of my ankle. It is definitely improving, making the osteopath happily tell me I'm allowed to strap it only every second day. Ouch.

Looks like the toe on my other foot may actually be fractured. Xrays were mostly inconclusive, and I can't afford to stop walking, so it will remain in this condition indefinitely.

Trying to find a good deal through a real person for my trip to Germany with an extended stop-over in Japan in June. We'll see early this week if they can come close to the website deals.

Anyhow... am not online much, thanks to the hectic work schedule, and still meant to be studying in my 'spare time' (it's just not happening at the moment).
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