Sunday, December 16, 2007

Mixi and update

Apologies if I seem to be posting less. I'm trying to be more diligent in posting in Japanese at Mixi (ニフウルシエルッフ). A little more regular practice in composition should help me progress a little faster. A post in Japanese is very difficult and time consuming, so I'm not spending as much time on LJ/other sites, as I'm trying to limit computer use outside of work hours.

Reynauds symptoms are getting quite bad due to the incredible amount of typing. Half the time I can't feel my cold arms/hands (or they are tingling with pins/needles), and the other half there is searing pain, sometimes from my elbows, but especially in my poor hands. The longer hours, reduced flexibility and greater pressures at work are mostly contributing to this. It's making it very difficult to study around work..... I feel like I'm treading water and going backwards. I need a lot more time! たくさんもっと時間が要りますね!

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