Tuesday, December 11, 2007

An echidna!

An echidna!
nifwlseirff on flickr
I've never had an echidna womble it's way through my yard before!

Smokey was very interested in this brown blob moving across the yard and through the grasses lining the long driveway. I didn't pay it much attention to begin with, thinking it was one of next door's chooks that was being a little more adventurous than usual. However, when I saw it's snout poking out from a grass clump, it obviously wasnt a chook.

It wombled it's way up the driveway, trying to find it's way into next door's yard. There weren't any gaps in the fence big enough for it to fit through, so it walked the length of the long driveway, and scared next door's cat when it turned the corner to go back down on the other side of the fence.

Apparently echidnas are fairly common in this area - lots of ants. I love living in the hills ;>
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