Saturday, December 22, 2007


As much as I like rain, and know that Melbourne desperately needs more water in its catchments, dumping it all at once, is not the way to go. In the past 2 weeks, we have been flooded many times. The worst was when the garage door wasn't closed, and all the neighbours' mulch and dirt was washed inside with the fast flowing water. That time the water was about 20cm deep). Now, with the garage door shut, we filter the water as it seeps in. But it still seeps in.

Yesterday, and overnight, there was about 5-10cm water in the garage, repeatedly, with it pooling in front of the door. The storm drains above us, and the ones below us were both complete full and overflowing. More of the backyard was washed under the fence and onto the bike track.

I really hope this rain is falling in the catchment areas!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Mixi and update

Apologies if I seem to be posting less. I'm trying to be more diligent in posting in Japanese at Mixi (ニフウルシエルッフ). A little more regular practice in composition should help me progress a little faster. A post in Japanese is very difficult and time consuming, so I'm not spending as much time on LJ/other sites, as I'm trying to limit computer use outside of work hours.

Reynauds symptoms are getting quite bad due to the incredible amount of typing. Half the time I can't feel my cold arms/hands (or they are tingling with pins/needles), and the other half there is searing pain, sometimes from my elbows, but especially in my poor hands. The longer hours, reduced flexibility and greater pressures at work are mostly contributing to this. It's making it very difficult to study around work..... I feel like I'm treading water and going backwards. I need a lot more time! たくさんもっと時間が要りますね!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

An echidna!

An echidna!
nifwlseirff on flickr
I've never had an echidna womble it's way through my yard before!

Smokey was very interested in this brown blob moving across the yard and through the grasses lining the long driveway. I didn't pay it much attention to begin with, thinking it was one of next door's chooks that was being a little more adventurous than usual. However, when I saw it's snout poking out from a grass clump, it obviously wasnt a chook.

It wombled it's way up the driveway, trying to find it's way into next door's yard. There weren't any gaps in the fence big enough for it to fit through, so it walked the length of the long driveway, and scared next door's cat when it turned the corner to go back down on the other side of the fence.

Apparently echidnas are fairly common in this area - lots of ants. I love living in the hills ;>

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


We got flooded with the recent downpour.... well, the garage and grounds were flooded, and the house was ok, thankfully. However, my mower was drownded, the battery was sitting above the water line, but the power pack for charging the battery is still dripping, 24 hours later. It was plugged in an on at the time, so I have no idea why the safety fuse in the house didn't blow. I hope the mower still works!

Most of the neighbours mulch ended up in the garage. All our moving boxes are dead - the next move is going to be horrendously expensive. Huge apologies to everyone who had lent/given us boxes - they are a sodden mess now :-\

A newly bought huge bag of birdseed holds water really well. Garden chemicals can only be thrown out. Nylon camping gear is drying, but my sleeping bag is not worth saving. Golf clubs, my tennis racket and a huge number of garden tools were drenched, and not sure how many will survive.

Worst of all is the huge amount of wood that we had stored (upright) to make more shelving, the pictures (including one pastel by me), and the Ivar/Sten shelves that are now useless. Some of the wood may be saved, but now won't be as tall their matching shelves. The backing wood is dead, the chipboard uprights are fairly dead.

And it took way too long to clean up the mess. 80% of the downpour that landed in the driveway and our neighbours gardens ended up sitting in the garage for about three hours - the storm drain at the unit above was blocked, and there is not enough drainage inside the garage.

The side path also had a few mini land-slides, and the chooks can get under the fence even easier now.

Rain is good... just a little less focussed, please!