Thursday, November 29, 2007

Last update in November

Yay.... I don't need surgery again! Yet.... The endometriosis is starting to grow back, after a 4 year lull. Pretty good, for a body that seems to hoard an excess of oestragen. It's been a little over 4 years since I got the Mirena IUD, and the specialist today noted that it's probably running low on progestagen... tipping control again to the oestragen hungy endometriosis. Several fingernail sized cysts have appeared on the left ovary, but otherwise everything is as it was 4 years ago. Thank goodness.... The adenomyosis has not increased, and there seem to be no adhesions. I was prompted to get this ultrasound by incredibly sharp pains on the left side every month or so - alerting me to something being wrong with the left ovary (it was linked with ovulation and not periods). Sometime next year, I'll be getting my second Mirena IUD instead of surgery. An increased level of progestagen to the area should settle the endometriosis back down, without any removal. Ultrasounds + Mirena + some (small, monthly) discomfort, is still much, much better than surgery..... I'm really glad it had nothing to do with the adenomyosis... the only treatment for that is still a full hysterectomy... :-\ The specialist commented that with endometriosis/adenomyosis, you learn a lot about medicine and bodily functions, and learn how to monitor your own health extremely well. I think this is the case for any chronic condition.
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