Sunday, October 28, 2007

Insect overload!

Since the weather has become warmer, the number of insects around has increased dramatically. Especially those that are getting inside. In the last few weeks we have had bull ants (on the ceiling!), earwigs (some with wings), a few varieties of spiders, several varieties of moths, a butterfly, millipedes, a house centipede (yuck!), and the usual flies and mosquitoes. Thankfully, the wasps and bees stayed outside. Not to mention the large number of cicada shells hugging the various trees and wooden posts in the garden. The sound of an Australian summer in the hills is the deafening, continuous roar of the cicadas.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Nasty weather

nifwlseirff on flickr
I've uploaded many photos from Tasmania (and have a lot more). Once I'm done with this lot, I'll start on our more recent trip down the Great Ocean Road with the return leg through the Grampians.

The poor bug (in the photo) decided that the Tassie trip was too difficult, back in Melbourne, the engine decided to die. So we got a larger, more comfortable car to drive around Victoria for a week. The new (!) engine from Mexico is currently being broken in, before it gets a tune. I won't be driving until after then.

The weather is too summery - it's over 30 (Celcius) today. I deal with hot weather extremely badly. I'm definitely not looking forward to late November through to March :-\ The cicadas are loving it, and are droning obnoxiously at all hours.