Sunday, September 9, 2007


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The pair of galahs that live in a tree next door were hanging around all day today, eating seed, and terrorising the rosellas. The cockatoos managed to chase them away briefly.

The cats seem to be rather upset - I'm alone again for just over 2 weeks. I think Gingy thought we were moving again! Once he realised that we weren't actually packing boxes (he had 'packed' himself into a box last night), he flopped in the middle of the couch, and hasn't moved for most of the day. Lazy.... Smokey on the other hand, hasn't slept all day. I guess he'll be a lump in my bed tonight.

One of the remote switch controls blew with a lamp light-globe last night, and I now have no idea how to switch the AppleTV on!

I also noticed that our rental payment details have finally changed - we used to be with Ray White, but the rental department apparently were only 'renting' space/resources.  They have struck out on their own, now affiliated with Barry Plant.

Health-wise, I'm not doing so well. I've logged enough data now to know that when I increase my activity/exercise, the pain increases. Decrease activity/exercise and pain decreases. The increases and decreases seem to be at the same time, so I'm not sure which is the cause, or where I can break the cycle. Not working does certainly help the Reynaud's symptoms - I'll probably see this more markedly when I take a week off work at the start of October.
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