Monday, September 24, 2007

*Just* a sprain?!?

I'm furious a: "It's just a sprain so you can come in to work"... Um, no... it's not *just* a sprain. Then "We'll provide a taxi. You know, we are doing this just for you." ..uhh... riiight....

My annual and sick leave was mis-reported again sand I can't figure out whether it is due to incompetence or software problems.

Anyone know of a good, 4 day a week job: writing/ documentation/ training/ project management / research / any combination, that would be happy with semi-regular telecommuting?
Normally Me
Only the ligaments around the ankle are damaged. I fell down stairs, dislocated a toe on my other foot == lots of damage.
Grade 1 or 2 sprain. Grade 3 strain.
Ice speeds the recovery process and reduces pain. Ice causes my blood vessels to spasm, blocks blood flow which slows the recovery process, and increases pain (Raynaud's).
Inflammation response is short (2-3 days), can be reduced with anti-inflammatories. My brain can't turn off inflammatory responses (fibromyalgia). My ankle remains swollen for over a month. I can't take anti-inflammatories (kidney disease).
Pain receptors are turned down/off. My brain is sensitised to pain, it can not turn off pain receptors (fibromyalgia).
Once-off sprains are relatively quick to heal (4-6 weeks). I have repeatedly sprained my left ankle, badly. It takes several months for me to heal (> 10 weeks).
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