Sunday, August 26, 2007

More sleep please....

Not enough sleep and way too much pain makes me rather grumpy. Well, duh... A person on a chronic pain support group was venting, as we all do, and received a few replies. I added a couple of suggestions from my recent fibro specialist visit and mentioned that it would be good for this person find their new 'normal', commenting, as a couple of other members did, that taking medication in order to function does not mean they are a junkie. They have decided that we were scolding them and are now leaving the group.... *sigh* A bad week... not enough rest, too much work and internal bleeding all week contributed to massive pain levels. Not having a break from the air conditioner mid-week means my sinuses are torturing me.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Dinner time

Dinner time
nifwlseirff on flickr

We went to Healesville on the weekend. I was surprised at how many new buildings/exhibits there were since I'd last been there (a few years ago).

Unfortunately there were very few wombats. However, an echidna obliged our request for wombat photos, and roused the poor wombat out of his warm, straw nest. The wombat looked quite confused, had a bite of a carrot, and return to his nest. When he saw the straw wriggling, he decided to stand on it, until the disheveled echidna emerged again. We returned to the koala exhibit as it was nearing dusk to watch a couple of them eating. Photos are on my flickr account.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

You what?!

I can no longer say I have never driven. Eeep. It was in a dual control car, and we spent most of the time on steering and changing gears, slipping in the accelerator/brake at the end. I was doing quite well until my right foot was thrown into the mix - it hurt, lots. The ankle and top of foot cramped immediately from being held at a right angle, and trying to do fine, smooth movements. It still is sore....

Friday, August 17, 2007

July Public transport compensation

Once again, Connex services are below their threshold. Compensation is again available to passengers with monthly, 6 monthly or yearly tickets.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Travelling down from the hills to get to work this morning, I saw the worst smog I've seen for many years. It may be because I used to live in it, and thus didn't notice it. A thick brown-grey haze hung over the suburbs towards the southwest (towards the bay and towards the city), punctuated by dirty smoke columns from factories. Yuck.

Monday, August 13, 2007


Despite the cold temperatures overnight, it seems that spring started this weekend. The plum street trees are starting to blossom. I'm sure they weren't blossoming last Friday! How did it get to be mid-August already?! Hopefully my garden will start to show a few more signs of life than it currently is. Some of the seedlings I planted lost their leaves, but are still green with some new shoots showing. I think a potato has popped a leaf or two through the mulch, but it could just be the weeds (which are growing very fast!) The onion weed in the back lawn is flowering. Someone mentioned they look like snowbells, until I broke the leaf for them to smell. Very pungently onion weed. My hands seem to have completely given up - they are currently fully numb, despite wearing both of my gloves. I've never made so many typos before!

Sunday, August 12, 2007


We hired Pan's Labyrinth last night. It's definitely beautiful and spectacular, in a dark and very sad way. But.. it cut way too close to home.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Specialist update

Another rheumatologist who I saw on Monday, (who is also a specialist in fibromyalgia), confirmed several diagnoses. There is nothing more that can currently be done to help me, that I haven't already tried. He explained that fibro is a collection of symptoms, the best approach being to manage the symptoms as much as possible. They don't know what the causes are, or how to treat them. All patients are different... etc. I've heard all of it before, but this time it was from a specialist in the actual disease. He was convinced, however, that the costochondritis symptoms, Reynauds symptoms, nerve pain and numbness, neuromas, sciatica, sinusitis and migraines are all symptoms of fibro. This makes sense because none of them have responded to 'normal' treatments, and are not showing up in the tests that normally indicate these problems.
Soo... I will continue to manage the symptoms without being able to turn to the medications normally used for those problems. He was happy that I've settled on the simplest combination of medication, at a dosage that seems optimal for me. As I am already using most/all of the complementary techniques, there is nothing else he could think of that would help me. Because I have less-than-optimal kidneys, I can't use the other medication avenue that would likely help (anti-inflammatories). All the tests, including xrays, bone scan and MRIs showed nothing abnormal, which made the rheumatologist very pleased. It shows that I'm not developing arthritis, or that I have any other underlying problems. Just fibromyalgia (and adenomyosis/endometriosis). I wish for a magic pill to make it all better!

Grass-covered old car

"The car's a turd"
umisef on flickr
I was surprised when I saw the old beetle driving around, covered in 'astro-turf' when I was given a lift home one day.

A few months later, it turned up at the workshop and we were able to take a few photos.

It's a shame it's not fully covered in grass.