Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Random musings...

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My kitties haven't visited their sleeping spot all day! And I had to work at work on this Wednesday, because I forgot to put my 'work at home' request in before my manager left. Despite the medical specialist recommending this become a weekly occurrence, I have to raise a request each week, and deal with the grumblings each week. I consoled myself by leaving my computer on all day to watch the kitty spot, and the kitties are not playing nice.

I would have had a less stressful start to my day if I had worked from home too! The power for the trains was cut at Belgrave. I raced back to catch the VW-taxi from home to the nearest station (running is not-a-good-idea - still recovering from chest infection and asthma flare). I arrived at work only 5 minutes late. The bus kindly waited an extra minute for the train that was running late.

How would you account for teacher-student or teacher-graduate connections in LinkedIn?
The most sensible one that I could find is colleague, which is actually a correct choice in this particular instance.

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