Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Public transport compensation

Public transport, at times sucks. Trains are often late (like last night), or, as happened last week, cancelled due to power failures. I've been lucky, recently, to avoid the older and grungier trains that are not heated, or cooled in summer. Connex, the company who runs the trains in Melbourne, is offering compensation for poor service in June to those people using monthly, six monthly or yearly tickets (less than 92% of trains ran on time). This is the fifth month this year that they have been obliged to pay customers compensation. Reasons given for poor performance include (paraphrased) 'Too many customers', 'Customer base growing faster than expected', 'Unfair speed restrictions', 'People are too slow to board' ... I'm sure their next step will be revise timetables and relax performance requirements.
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