Friday, July 27, 2007

Inflexible flex-time

Work has taken away my flex-time arrangement that was organised with the director of the writing and L10N group a year ago. At that time I was told that I should record accrued increments of 15 minutes here and there, and then take a day off once I had 8 hours or more. Apparently someone complained about this arrangement, in addition to complaining about the fact that I (am medically required to) work at home one day a week. Only weekend training courses or 2am seminars accrue time-in-lieu/flex-time. I was actually asked to not keep a record of the hours I work, and have been asked to quit the extras I do - social club secretary/finance/etc., editing bits and pieces for various departments. However, I was asked to stay on the OHSE committee because, in their words, "I'm the one who gets things done"..... :-/

So much for the flexibility proclaimed in job postings. The policies do not limit flex-time in this way. This will upset more than just me, many others seem to enjoy a lot more flexibility. I'm really upset by this, as the flex-time arrangement was so I could take a preventative break occasionally, without using leave.

Studying 'in my spare time' is not going so well - I'm typically exhausted from just working.

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