Sunday, July 22, 2007


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I'm dead..... the seed potatoes and the rhubarb decided to sprout and had to be put into the garden *this weekend*, despite the fact that I was not feeling well enough to study :-\

So.... feeling much worse now, but quite accomplished. Trellis is up, passionfruit, blueberry, rhubarb, potatoes, natives and a random couple of my own pots of cuttings have been planted. I ran out of newspaper, and still am unsure what mulch to use on the 'common' areas down the drive. It needs eucalyptus mulch as there are many natives, but that's quite expensive.

I've yet to plant the onions, which are looking very sorry for themselves. The onions, a hanging rosemary and a bay tree are all that's left to plant of my last lot of nursery purchases.

I'd like to get a bunch of small 'food' shrubs for the yard, to put along the back fence. Unfortunately my normal nursery didn't have many when I put in my order. I should visit the Upper Gully market next weekend - they had a great variety of natives for a good price.

The ducks have come back to visit, and these adorable pair of king parrots dropped by. I haven't seen them since - we've been inundated with cockatoos.
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