Saturday, July 7, 2007

Garden progress

New lemon tree
nifwlseirff on flickr
Despite it being a raining and generally miserable day, I did manage to get the lemon, strawberry and the asparagus crown planted before I got too wet, and the ground got too dangerous. It doesn't look like it, but I did weed a little first! The lawn and the steps ended up getting too muddy and slippery to continue, and the rain worsened over the rest of the day. I've discovered a large hole near the fence - I must contact the neighbours as their chooks kept peeking through the fence at me and trying to eat the recently dug over weeds. I hope the hole was simply caused by a tiny landslide with all the rain we've had recently, and not from either the chooks or a fox digging.

The slope that the lemon is planted on is much steeper than I thought. It was very difficult working on the side where my left ankle was over-stretched - it still hasn't fully recovered. The incredible steepness of the slope does kill some of my plans - it drastically decreases the plant-able areas. Then again, I can put companion shrubs along the fence instead. Still to be planted is the passionfruit, blueberry (which is flowering!), rhubarb, bay tree, rosemary, lemon balm, brown onions (they want a weed free area, I'm sure I can't comply), and a bunch of native plants to pop around the non-food areas. Maybe it will stop raining for long enough tomorrow to get most of these into the ground.

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