Monday, July 2, 2007


Thanks for the food!
nifwlseirff on flickr
We've built some bird feeders from scrap wood from the bookshelves, and after about a week, the birds discovered it.

 If we wanted, I'm sure we could go through 1kg of seed a day! But, we limit it to 2 scoops, one for each feeder.

The noisiest so far have been the cockatoos, with a flock of 18 being the largest that sat on our balcony. They visit a couple of times a day.

A pair of galahs have just discovered the seed supply, and a large number of crimson rosellas drop by throughout the day.

A somewhat confused magpie also picks out his favourite seed every day or two, a little strange for a meat eater!

Pigeons usually sit below the feeders and pick at the seed thrown over the edge, typically by the messy cockatoos.

I even saw a baby kookaburra this weekend. I do miss the little finches, there aren't enough shrubs for them to feel safe.

The cockatoos are quite bold, even taking Smokey for a walk on his harness didn't bother them (or Smokey!). They just ignored each other.
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