Friday, June 15, 2007


I've scored the most lovely head cold, double ear infection and bad chest infection... all at once! Am not impressed. However, I've discovered that the docs just up the road from me weren't actually being demolished - they are renovating. Apparently one of them there specialises in complex cases. And, there is a pathology almost at the top of my very long driveway. Good area for me to be in! Now I just need a chemist to move in.

The chemist that I went to gave me generic medication without even asking - I've since been told that is now required by law?! The main difference that I can see between Augmentin Duo Forte and Curam 875/125, is that Curam uses sodium laureth sulphate as a filler - it's a detergent!!

So that this post is not just another health whinge, I just noticed on that they are using the Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary. Funky! It doesn't seem to contain all that many entries, but then again, it is a beta. I found it interesting that they seem to be using simple English for their definitions.

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