Saturday, June 23, 2007

Of mochi and ramune

The Asian grocer in Knox city gave me free sesame mochi last weekend! Maybe it was cos I bought many other yummy things.

I found out that the reason that no-one seems to import strawberry ramune is that it never sold. Apparently they once had a case that went past expiry cos no-one knew what it was! I'd buy a lot of it, if I could find it! All you can find these days is plain, melon and peach ramune. Oh... and don't bother with ramune in the plastic bottles - it is completely flat and contains artificial stuff... the best ramune is very lightly flavoured and fully glass. They are annoyingly heavy for carrying home on public transport. If I could find strawberry ramune, it would definitely be worth the sacrifice!

I still haven't found the tiny creme brulee which seem to be popular in the bento groups. I shall keep looking though.

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