Monday, June 4, 2007

Mmmmm, bubbly!

I feel like I'm breathing through a sticky membrane. Looks like I'll be fighting chest colds all winter, starting with the always fun, fluid-on-the-lungs. A doctor once went "Oooo. Bubbly!" when listening to my lungs.... I actually find this reasonable easy to deal with, apart from the coughing. I learnt how to 'not cough' because when I had bronchitis and costochondritis regularly as a kid - it hurt too much, so I just stopped coughing. This means that now, colds sometimes skip the bronchitis stage to go directly to fluid on my lungs.

The treatment for fluid on the lungs is having a physiotherapist thumping (and bruising) your back, making you cough up the fluid. Sometimes docs will give anti-biotics to stop secondary infections. If you can force yourself to cough, you can skip the expensive physio. With fibromyalgia, coughing is even more painful and tiring, and chest thumping is really not possible.

Gingy was hilarious this morning - we have a bunch of plush/funky magnets on the side of the fridge (courtesy of an unpacked box last night). Smokey, from the top of the fridge, smacked the teddy magnet to the floor. Gingy, with a much longer reach then decided to try to remove the rest. We moved the magnets down, so he decided to attack them from below. Everything in our house is a cat toy you see.....

Anyhow... I go to put on the vaporiser and crawl back to sleep... and to cough.. yes... must cough...

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