Wednesday, June 6, 2007

A common phenomemon?

My workplace decided to run 'heart health' checks this week. I was interested only to see how my cholesterol changed after a month on the ketosystem diet. It seems I'm one of the lucky ones where food doesn't seem to affect my cholesterol levels. Prior to the diet I was on the low side of low, now I'm on the low side of normal. Some people's cholesterol skyrocket, after being on the ketosystem diet.

Having established that I have a good picture of my complex health problems, the doctor noted that so many people with complex and chronic pain/illnesses have some kind of lengthy trauma in their history, and asked if I had been abused. She's the first health professional that has offered this theory, even though it's becoming much more accepted. Many patients with a history of abuse and/or post traumatic stress present with very difficult, intertwined problems. However, she is not alone in reiterating that when people say "It's in your head", it really is - the neurological signals are screwed up, and the pain receptors never turn off. The brain burns through some chemicals, leaving little for the rest of the body to use (ie. magnesium), yet can't use other chemicals, letting them build up. This causes secondary reactions throughout the body, which in turn snowball.

Medical professionals flounder with each case, treating the end-symptoms, and hardly ever finding the root cause. A treatment that might actually retrain one person's neurological system, won't work on another.....

The brain is such a foggy, misunderstood medical area....

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