Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Feeding pain....

Hormones are not fun. Despite having an IUD that's meant to stop all periods, my body overrides it.. twice a month or more! Ovulatory pain and bleeding is sharp and over with quickly. It's only something that has been happening in the last 2 years. I'm hoping this isn't an indication of new endometriomas or adhesions. I should go and get checked out again at the end of the year... I hope I don't need operation #5.... The regular progesterone pill, taken continuously, limited periods to once every three months. But it sent my blood pressure sky high, enough that several doctors recommended blood pressure medication. Take me off the pill, and my blood pressure is on the low side of perfect. Guess which option I picked.

The Mirena IUD seems to be loosing it's effectiveness, perhaps it's burning through it's progesterone too quickly?. Each month is heavier, feeding the adenomyomas ('blood blisters') inside the muscle wall.... causing more and more pain. There is, however, less pain (and blood) than without the Mirena.

The pain and tension in the abdomen triggers the ever-present sciatica and costo, which transfers up my neck, into my head for increased sinus/migraine activity. What an interconnected mess... Add in the other current undiagnosed medical problems, and I'm a complete whimpering wreck. I am still house sitting, and have yet to set up my room at home. None of my boxes have been unpacked, although some have been rifled through to find necessities that I forgot to label in the chaos before the move (current xstitch project, Japanese books, iPod and PS2 cables, cat blankets, etc). I return this Saturday, to start unpacking and settling in.

Kitties will then have access to sunshine, because that room is currently off limits - it contains their favourite forbidden climbing toy (an upright mattress). Right at this moment, I want to be home, unpacked, off this darn diet and curled up with a hot chocolate, Gingy, my PS2 and three big heating pads. This acute pain just sucks all my energy, motivation, sensibleness.... and it just keeps worsening over the week... Somehow, I still manage to (be present at) work... unfortunately work makes the time pass slower.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

I am alive.... kinda...

Work is insane - I haven't even had time to catch up on the web comics I normally read, let alone blogs :-\ House-sitting means I get to work later and subsequently leave work later, and don't have access to my own computer. I'm slowly increasing my daily step count, and trying not to type more than is necessary at work/home -it's causing numbness in hands/arms. This obviously results in less time on the computer. You can hear the freeway from where I'm sleeping. I normally wear earplugs so that noise doesn't keep me awake, but many chemists aren't stocking the super-soft-rounded foam ear plugs. I hope I don't have to resort to buying them online. Maybe I'll visit Chadstone on the weekend.

Seems like all specialists have a waiting list of at least 3 months... rheumy appointment has been booked. Looking for the source of the always-present inflammation, and the worsening numbness. I picked the rheumatologist who's bio mentioned they enjoy cases which allow them to explore the breadth of the medical field. Let's hope they can help.

The ketosystem diet (ordered by the naturopath) started with a bang - 5kg in a week. Since then (2.5 weeks), even though I decreased calorie intake and increased exercise since the middle of the second week, my weight isn't shifting, and neither are my measurements. It's quite disappointing. I also found out that my stomach can not deal with Splenda. It's worse than phenylalanine, which sends me to sleep and provides a massive headache upon waking.

Side effects of the ketosystem diet == increased: numbness, itchyness, eczma, fatigue, sinus pain, muscle/tendon pain, muscle twitching, eye fatigue. This diet was meant to kick my metabolism to burn more fat than carbs, but I don't think the side effects are worth it. Even though my calorie intake is very low, I am not hungry any more. I still crave sweets and carbs, but I haven't cheated once. Very pleased with myself because of this. 1.5 weeks of this diet left (I'm only on it for a short time because of the strain it puts on poor kidneys). It will be interesting to see what my cholesterol is after this month - it's normally on the low end of low (very healthy).