Monday, March 26, 2007


Walker tracker is a fast, lightweight, online walking log. I don't know why many other 'health' sites don't have a program as usable as this one is. If you join, let me know, or use my invite link!

The Éowyn challenge is used by many Tolkien fans to help them to become fit. I'm at the end of day two on the path to Rivendell. Your milestones along the path can be noted at the shield database, although this interface is a little quirky. There are a number of online support groups, and you can check where you are on the path, thanks to a tool provided by Barrow Downs.

My new pedometer is fantastic - it's an Omron HJ-133 which can be worn around the neck, slip into a pocket or even left in a bag. It is rather pricey (about AU$60), and does not have the traditional belt clip. The safety clip is quite unusual, but works very well. I am getting quite accurate step counts, which the other two cheapies I tried didn't manage. Definitely a good purchase!

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