Thursday, March 15, 2007

Some good news - rental found!

After searching for a new rental for 6 months, we were approved for a place in the hills (Tecoma)!

I place a deposit tomorrow, luckily there is one bus line between our current place and the new place, even if the two houses are almost at either end of the route. Obviously the paperwork will need to wait, but the agent and landlord seemed happy with that.

It will mean some changes... public transport to work for both of us (it's almost directly at a station - so convenient) which will help my language learning no end. The length of time needed for me to get to work on PT in the worst case will be dramatically reduced.

I will be able to drop into a tai chi studio on the way home from work, but no more hydrotherapy pool access.

There are more (evening) restaurants/take away places nearby compared to the current place! Don't know if they are any good though.

It won't be any harder to get to Monash Hospital for the new round of neurological investigations (I think they need to test if I have a brain), it will take longer of course.

The agent seems to be good, organised and to care about the state of the place before handing it to us. They are part of a chain, so may have standards to abide by.

 I will not be sorry to see the back of my current agent/landlord. I'll also not be sorry to hear the end of the freeway traffic which is bugging me awfully at all times. We were inside during a Saturday at the new place (the hills are busy on the weekends), with the back door open when a train went past, the noise level was less than our current place with everything shut!

We get the keys mid-April, and return our current place at the start of May. We'll have about two weeks to move into the new place before I move out to house-sit for a month (May)! I won't be there to settle the cats in properly :-\

Unfortunately there are loads of work deadlines in April and May for projects that I'm leading, so I can't take a bunch of time off to pack/move/be here for maintenance/cleaning/etc. Also need to shop for some new furniture to replace some rather dead pieces!
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