Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Sick, quick update

I finally succumb to the office coldy bug (with a lovely dose of food poisoning and an appearance of a migraine).... just as many projects are starting at work....

Osteo suggested a diagnosis avenue to pursue for my numb/tingly/painful hands (and feet). Why the neuro didn't suggest it, I have no idea.

We knew there were possums living in the lounge room wall - it looks, or rather sounds like one has moved to or a new one has taken up residence in a new wall after a fight inside the roof cavity last night. Of course, it has to be my bedroom wall. This house is so badly built - there is a hole between the original house and the extension that was left open to the roof cavity and the top of the wall cavity. When we moved here, only birds were inside the wall. Now it looks like multiple possum families are in the roof and throughout the walls. Of course, agent hasn't responded to our maintenance request yet.

Keep fingers crossed for us - we applied for a rental house on Tuesday. I should know by the end of tomorrow if we get it. I'm alone  until the end of the month, the kitties are already pining and wanting attention the entire time that I'm home!
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