Saturday, March 31, 2007

Sugar syrup

I absolutely love bubble tea. :-) Any idea of a recipe for or where to get the flavoured sugar syrup that goes into the tea? I do have the tapioca pearls, and straws, but haven't found a syrup recipe. My preferred flavours are citrus, pineapple and strawberry green tea and a milky coffee. Ta!

Monday, March 26, 2007


Walker tracker is a fast, lightweight, online walking log. I don't know why many other 'health' sites don't have a program as usable as this one is. If you join, let me know, or use my invite link!

The Éowyn challenge is used by many Tolkien fans to help them to become fit. I'm at the end of day two on the path to Rivendell. Your milestones along the path can be noted at the shield database, although this interface is a little quirky. There are a number of online support groups, and you can check where you are on the path, thanks to a tool provided by Barrow Downs.

My new pedometer is fantastic - it's an Omron HJ-133 which can be worn around the neck, slip into a pocket or even left in a bag. It is rather pricey (about AU$60), and does not have the traditional belt clip. The safety clip is quite unusual, but works very well. I am getting quite accurate step counts, which the other two cheapies I tried didn't manage. Definitely a good purchase!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Telecommuting rebates

The US are considering a bill which encourages telecommuting to work. I think this is a great way to go. Now for Australia (and managers the world over) to promote this! It would work well in Australia because of the expansive suburban sprawl around most of the major cities.

Cats' eyes

What do you do when a cat has had a claw sheath embedded into their bottom eyelid? Our guys are beating each other up quite badly, and this time Gingy really lashed out at Smokey. Smokey was running around with this huge claw sheath seemingly sticking out of his eye! Luckily it was only about where we have tear ducts. It's still weeping/bleeding though. I guess I keep an eye on it and go up to the vet if it gets puffy.

Insane weather

I hate this changeable weather. It was 37 degrees Celsius and horridly muggy yesterday, but very cool today. I now have the heater on as it is under 20 inside, yet when I got home yesterday it was over 30 inside and I needed the cooler on! My ceramic bird feeder broke in yesterday's or last night's wind. I hope the weather is a little more stable (and less hot) for a while.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Exam grumbings

I still haven't received my JLPT results from the exam I did in November. Most of the rest of the world seemed to receive the results in February, and I think Perth might have received them in the last week or so. I can't connect to the Japan Seminar House website either (the people that run the Melbourne test). I hope they haven't dropped of the face of the earth!

Monday, March 19, 2007

IT management commentary

There are often discussions about IT management on Slashdot, but few stand out. Today's thread did, where there are some very pertinent comments. Dilbert style management is a contagion, once competent people with great ideas are promoted to management, they are brainwashed into the fold of incompetency. I've noticed this happening in many companies recently, especially where upper management want the moon handed to them on a silver platter in a butterfly-year time span, no delays allowed. IT friends are getting more and more jaded with incompetent and uncaring management, and many are opting to leave the industry. I find it strange that management seem to be blind to this trend.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Some good news - rental found!

After searching for a new rental for 6 months, we were approved for a place in the hills (Tecoma)!

I place a deposit tomorrow, luckily there is one bus line between our current place and the new place, even if the two houses are almost at either end of the route. Obviously the paperwork will need to wait, but the agent and landlord seemed happy with that.

It will mean some changes... public transport to work for both of us (it's almost directly at a station - so convenient) which will help my language learning no end. The length of time needed for me to get to work on PT in the worst case will be dramatically reduced.

I will be able to drop into a tai chi studio on the way home from work, but no more hydrotherapy pool access.

There are more (evening) restaurants/take away places nearby compared to the current place! Don't know if they are any good though.

It won't be any harder to get to Monash Hospital for the new round of neurological investigations (I think they need to test if I have a brain), it will take longer of course.

The agent seems to be good, organised and to care about the state of the place before handing it to us. They are part of a chain, so may have standards to abide by.

 I will not be sorry to see the back of my current agent/landlord. I'll also not be sorry to hear the end of the freeway traffic which is bugging me awfully at all times. We were inside during a Saturday at the new place (the hills are busy on the weekends), with the back door open when a train went past, the noise level was less than our current place with everything shut!

We get the keys mid-April, and return our current place at the start of May. We'll have about two weeks to move into the new place before I move out to house-sit for a month (May)! I won't be there to settle the cats in properly :-\

Unfortunately there are loads of work deadlines in April and May for projects that I'm leading, so I can't take a bunch of time off to pack/move/be here for maintenance/cleaning/etc. Also need to shop for some new furniture to replace some rather dead pieces!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Sick, quick update

I finally succumb to the office coldy bug (with a lovely dose of food poisoning and an appearance of a migraine).... just as many projects are starting at work....

Osteo suggested a diagnosis avenue to pursue for my numb/tingly/painful hands (and feet). Why the neuro didn't suggest it, I have no idea.

We knew there were possums living in the lounge room wall - it looks, or rather sounds like one has moved to or a new one has taken up residence in a new wall after a fight inside the roof cavity last night. Of course, it has to be my bedroom wall. This house is so badly built - there is a hole between the original house and the extension that was left open to the roof cavity and the top of the wall cavity. When we moved here, only birds were inside the wall. Now it looks like multiple possum families are in the roof and throughout the walls. Of course, agent hasn't responded to our maintenance request yet.

Keep fingers crossed for us - we applied for a rental house on Tuesday. I should know by the end of tomorrow if we get it. I'm alone  until the end of the month, the kitties are already pining and wanting attention the entire time that I'm home!

Monday, March 5, 2007

Sorry for the lack of updates....

Huge deadline last week; even more insanity on the next project, currently being planned; and my hands being awful with any extended computer use (a la my job!) - means I am not writing/checking here much at present. Sorry!