Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Shadow IT?

There is a Slashdot news item discussing an article about shadow IT areas within a company - users who know more than the IT department (or who think they do). I found the comments very interesting, as I'm in that position at the moment. Sure, many don't know how to administer their computers. I've had a Windows box at home for year now, without a single virus or malware (only hardware failures :-\). I do have good debugging skills (needed for how electronic equipment behaves around me - I crashed my old camera when it was off!). When I say there is a problem with hardware or some software causing crashes, the common practice is to wipe/reinstall without even looking at the logs, then stress test on the CPU in an air conditioned office.

I can repeatedly trigger the crash, however it still happens randomly, and is either hardware related (my office is not air conditioned) or one particular piece of software with which I can crash the machine when I change a setting. It means I am running my old computer, which is slow, is needed for other purposes, and has a hard drive problem (it doesn't like heat either).

I'm not sure why many companies seem to be rather Mac-phobic. We are all forced to use corporate dinosaur-era (and sized) software...

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