Friday, January 12, 2007

Review - is a fantastic set of podcasts for many levels of Japanese language learners. Since starting a year or so ago, the team has grown substantially, they've added a heap of printable resources for a low membership cost, and interactive learning tools for premium members (high cost). New to the site is an affiliate program ;> However, this does not change my opinion or use of them, but it did spur me to make this post which has been sitting at the back of my mind for a while. Currently I use the basic member tools as I find it easier to remember what I see (as opposed to hearing only). The podcasts can be subscribed to within iTunes, or mass downloaded using Torrent via the Japanesepod101 website. The lessons are well structured, varied, high quality and quite funny at times. It's useful to start with beginners, shortly afterwards, adding survival phrases and culture classes for variety. Make sure you check out the lyrics information of each .mp3 lesson in iTunes - it often (always?) has a transcript and/or vocabulary! I find these lessons easier to remember than Pimsleur lessons, but use both audio resources as they supplement each other. I also use the text and workbooks: Genki from Japan Times, and Japanese in Mangaland, plus a few dictionaries, kanji books, mnemonics and flash cards. As I don't have regular lessons, finding time (or discipline) to study regularly is somewhat difficult. 10-20 minute audio lessons are easier to squeeze in than a chapter of a textbook, especially when travelling. I usually listen to each lesson twice - once without the extra material, once again later with the printable materials to reinforce what I learnt. A fantastic resource! I only wish there was one available for learning German at such a high quality!Campaign 2 - Banner 3
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