Thursday, December 21, 2006

Another update

Things are insane here... work is very busy, the pervading smoke is wearing everyone down, and I'm backsliding health-wise :-\ I haven't forgotten I said I'd pop up photos from around my birthday (and earlier). I'm waiting for my camera card to be read and for access to the downloaded photos... </hint> ;>

On languages...

I'm enjoying receiving letters in Japanese from friends and colleagues as it's stretching my skills. I find translating easy, but composing is very difficult. I've ordered a set of kanji cards (don't have the time/energy to make my own), which should arrive sometime early in the new year. Hopefully that will help cement usage into my brain, and not just meaning - mnemonics make it easy for me to remember meanings. It's difficult finding a good quality self-learn German text/workbook. I think I was spoilt with the quality of Ogenki 1 from Japan Times. I've ordered Themen Neu, it was cheaper than the other options and seems to be widely used in Australia. I've yet to find a "teacher's" edition with answers for the exercises. At least I have a live-in test subject ;> I'm sure it will help my pronunciation. Once I have enough confidence/experience I'll be able to play the expansions of the Settlers of Catan card game (we only have the German versions).

On health...

Doc has suggested that I attend Monash hospital as an outpatient and let them fight over which specialist I should see (rheumy, endocrinologist, neurologist, etc). She has received a letter from my current neuro that clearly indicated he has given up. "...possible overuse, tendonitis, most likely fibromyalgia...have given a huge prescription of Neurontin...there are no avenues left..." Gah! Doc suggested that I was depressed, but then skimmed the last several blood tests and ascertained there is definitely something organically wrong.... more tests follow in the new year, I'm sure.

I had a very nasty virus a few weeks ago, and have not recovered. The smoke and an infection are now combining to make me very ill, nauseous, feverish, the works. It does mean that I've lost some weight (finally)! It's probably the best time of year for me to get sick - I don't tend to overeat. Although sugary sweets are still a problem - peppermint and strong sugary flavours help soothe my tummy, at least while I'm eating them ;>