Monday, November 6, 2006

I'm still alive

Work has been so busy, we wrapped up one project, and I immediately shifted to a time critical messy project. I'm frequently completely dead outside of work/cooking/washing. My lawn is crying out to be mowed, and my mower is cringing - my foot won't be up to mow the lawns for a week or so yet. It is on the mend, but it is slow. Me being me, I forget that it's sore, and put it into situations where it gets hurt again. :-\

I had a chance to see how good my Japanese skills are on the weekend. A wizened, old, Japanese soldier was looking for someone to explain rental prices at one of the inspections. The agent was 10 minutes late, so I had a good time floundering around. I think we managed to communicate some things, but that was my first experience with heavily accented Japanese. It was really difficult! JLPT4 in a month... ug... I don't think I'll do well - things are not sticking in my mind. I think it's partly due to the medications I'm on - they induce a lovely brain fog.

Trying Lyrica now, (in addition to Neurontin), for the nerve/fibro pain, which means I'm completely dazed at all times.... yay.... Perfect timing when I have a project I need to get finished at work. Not to mention for studying for an exam without any classes or an in-person teacher.

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