Wednesday, November 8, 2006


I'm going mad.... at times it feels like my head is literally spinning. I think at the moment, a lot of it is due to not being able to find any quiet place. At work there is the air conditioning hum inside (really loud even though my vent is closed), the pool pump and large air conditioning unit for the building outside (don't ask why we have a pool at work...) The building is quite large (55 people and a manufacturing wing, which is probably also adding to the noise). I have to have my window open because I'm allergic to something in the air conditioning. :-\ It's got to the point where it is impairing my concentration at work. Did you know that an air conditioning unit is on average 60dB?!

At home, there is a freeway 1km away, and two major roads nearby. The road noise (to me) is horrible - I can hear it loudly from any part of the house at all hours of the day. Perhaps I'm hypersensitive? I can't even hang heavy curtains in my bedroom to help a little. Add to that, the hot water system which, since being replaced with a 'renovated' boiler, is getting more and more air in the pipes. It can bang in the middle of the night without anyone using the water because the boiler needed to vent.

For some reason all this horrible background noise is making me really anxious and panicky. According to some sites I seem to be suffering from sensory overload. It's stopping me from sleeping, resting, concentrating, studying, working..... A small break away into the lovely quiet country side helped me cope for another few months, but I'm reaching breaking point.

I think the one thing I loved most about our jaunt to Tuki Retreat in Daylesford was the quiet. I was able to relax because of it.... Been jumping around looking at various studies and news articles on background noise and it's effects, here is a collection :

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