Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I did my ankle on the weekend, and for once, it is bad enough to need crutches! Oh well, here's hoping I'll be off them by the end of the next weekend at the latest. I think I need to return to my balance board to keep stretching and strengthening my ankles once recovered. I was lazy there for many months.

Why is a decent rental house so hard to find (large, good quality, in good condition, in a useful position, and not overly expensive)? We are on our 8th hunting week now, with only 1 that was apply-worthy (someone else was chosen over our application). Thank goodness we don't have a fixed schedule!

Sunday, October 8, 2006

5 weeks on...

5 weeks and about 40 rental houses looked at. 

Amongst the crud, there have been a few cracked gems (apart from the one we didn't get), most of which reared their heads yesterday.

The Belgrave treehouse on Friday was old, and the traffic noise was insane! It was worse than where we are currently! Instead of waking up really early on Saturday to trudge back up to Belgrave, we went and sat outside the third 'hills' house. Again, the traffic noise was very bad, like being on a main road. Why is it that traffic noise travels more and is louder up in the hills than in the more urban areas?

One yesterday I loved. Sensibly, because there was no storage or cooling, it was not good enough. I could have kept chooks!

The second last one would have been do-able except for the lack of cooling and being right on Springvale road (mmm the worst traffic noise I have ever heard, inside a house).

We decided to throw budget to the wind and look at a brand "new and stunning" house. Definitely new, stunning but a single garage, and the finishing (paint/fixtures) left a lot to be desired. Both of us had paint/dust from brushing past a corner or doorway, and the place was already cracking badly. Previous experience has shown those cracks to become a lot worse.

However, it did show that there were 'nearly there' houses out there, if we were prepared to pay a little more. So, on it goes....

Here's hoping for some excellent fresh stock for next weekend.

Monday, October 2, 2006

Pink for October

My favourite colour is definitely not pink, so why did I turn the blog pink you might ask? Pink for October is raising awareness of breast cancer, something which affect anyone. I'm not at risk more than anyone else, despite there being multiple occurrences of breast cancer in my family, because there are even more occurrences of other types of cancers. But, it still pays to check regularly.