Sunday, September 17, 2006

Crash, sick again

Quick random update.... before crashing, sick.... Fingers, toes, eyes and everything else crossed - hope to hear back this week about a rental application. Agent, house and accessibility to both of our workplaces is good.

 Enrolled in the JLPT4 in December... now need to study really really hard to feel that I will pass without just scraping through.

I think I have ear infections - my balance has been completely shot for over a week, sinuses, cheeks and jaw are killing, and I've had a bad fever off and on.

Yesterday's ridiculousness with cars while househunting has left me really run down - but I probably won't get to recuperate this week.  My health and non-transportableness means I don't keep in touch as I'd like to.

Pan's Labyrinth looks fantastic! Something to look forward to in the new year.

Podiatrist agreed with neuro - there are definately neuromas in my feet. Hopefully new insoles with metatarsal 'lumps' will nicely space the bones in my feet, so they stop squishing the nerves. The normal arches will support my ankles better and help the sciatic.

Side note, neurontin seems to be loosing effectiveness and increasing side effects, or perhaps it's just rundown-ness.

 I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of McDonalds' mocha frappe - I hadn't eaten there (apart from fries) for well over 5 years. I shall have to try the strawberry one, mmm.

Anyhow... crashing now in order to have some hope of being workable tomorrow....
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