Tuesday, August 1, 2006


I think I've figured out what's wrong with my feet - neuromas (Moreton's in particular). The symptomology is exact. I even used to have orthotics with bump to raise the metatarsal bridge. I only started having problems when the really expensive *hard* molded orthotics completely ruined my feet in Germany. The podiatrist who created these (Croydon) also then had the gall to say "we normally charge for modifications". I could hardly walk when in Germany, especially on the cobblestones!

I think I need to find my original podiatrist (Clayton) and get a new set of *soft* orthotics with metatarsal lumps. On a down note, everything is flaring, badly. Sinus+throat infection, endo+adeno+ibs pain, fibro fog+dizziness+pain, depression, nausea.... And I was doing well a week or so ago, even managing to walk several times during that week.

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