Sunday, August 20, 2006

I was right!

Neuro examined my feet and pronounced that I have neuromas (inflamed nerves). He agreed the best course to take would be to find a podiatrist, but couldn't recommend anyone in particular. We both want to stay far away from surgery! I think he got sidetracked when writing the letter to my employer by what I said about my chronic sinusitis. My chest xrays looked like I smoked or had bronchitis at the time. I avoid smoke like the plague, and only got the nasty cold a week after the xray.

I've had sinusitis for nearly 8 weeks now (it's antibiotic resistent). Last year I had it for 9 months straight - mostly made worse by the air conditioning at work. So the neuro mentioned all this in the letter, stating that I need to be in the optimum health to be able to deal with my physical condition (fibro).

Apparently work thinks that the neuro said nothing, and that the respiratory problems are not what they are dealing with. I wish work would focus on the whole package, because making adjustments for one little thing just won't work. I hope the neuro agrees to talk to them directly. My desktop at work needs an upgrade, so I shall probably be switching to a laptop if the work modifications are approved. I will, however, cut back my social club commitments after I see the year though.

In other news, our weekend away in the country was gorgeous. Tuki retreat is wonderfully relaxing. The food was very good, and they served us in the cabin each night. Breakfast provisions were excellent, although more mushrooms would have been appreciated. The baby lambs were adorable on our drive through the property, and the old VW wasn't happy at being outraced by the two dogs, one of which should have been a lapdog! We spent a day in Daylesford and visited the various chocolate places, both of which have killer chilli chocolates. We'll post photos when we are a little more organised. じゃ また

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