Thursday, June 1, 2006


Anyone want to buy an upright piano? (German, M. Albrecht Leipzig) I'll accept something between $500-800 providing you pick it up. It has one key that the action needs work on, cast iron frame, deep gorgeous dark tone (not sparkly like the new pianos you get these days).

I have Skype and Festoon installed at home now... got a cheap camera (Logitech IM Quickcam), which, with good lighting is better than the expensive toys they have at work. The headset needs to be replaced though - it's horrifically uncomfortable. I have my eyes set on a lower model Sennheiser as I love their basic headphones - I can wear them all day without getting sore ears or a headache.

Am nervous about my neuro appointment on Monday. I have no idea if the tests will be painful, or what they will find. The week leading up to Monday has been insane. At least I'll be able to sleep on the weekend (and look for washing machine hoses... I haven't had a chance yet).

Stomp was brilliant last night, although walking past the huge speakers when leaving has left me with very sore ear drums. Melbourne symphony orchestra was neat last Friday too - they played the Sibelius piece that I played when in Grainger Wind Symphony. I can remember how much fun and how prominent the timpany part was to play. I bounced along ;> I should start playing music again.

I ate at a Japanese restaurante last night, unfortunately I can't remember it's name. I think it was on Nicholson Street, and it was fantastic and not overly expensive (only $30). I wish I had a better command of Japanese - I can't understand spoken Japanese (or speak it) nearly as well as written.

And now I should get back to work.... after heating more heat packs.. It's cold here!

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