Thursday, May 18, 2006

Respite please?!?

In preparation for my neuro visit in June I've been keeping a record of four types of pain/nerve problems (sharp stabbing, dull ache, numbness and tingling), direction, and position. I'm just hoping it is useful and not just 'noise' from the various issues. I've scared myself at how little of my body doesn't have some sort of pain and/or nerve problems

Yoga seems to make them flare badly - I was in agony last night, and only slightly better today. At least I have my sick days back as I've now been working full time for a year.

Compared to a year ago I feel worse for a number of reasons.

I'm much less healthy, pain levels are much higher, I have new undiagnosed health problems, weight is higher, and I am very unhappy with the house we live in.

I'm only just surviving thanks to video night people; fortnightly mahjong, dinner and company; the much bigger and more cat-like kitties of destruction; the new Japanese class, teacher and friends.
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